Wage & Hour

Litigating wage and hour cases is a key focus of Kakalec & Schlanger’s practice.   We have deep experience and expertise in the representation of workers who are victims of wage theft and who have claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act, New York Labor Law, and other state and local statutes.

We represent:

  • Employees who are illegally treated as independent contractors (and are often not paid overtime as a result);
  • Employees who are treated as “exempt” from the requirement that they be paid overtime, even –  –   Employees that not paid overtime even though they do not meet the legal test to be exempt;
  • Workers not paid for all of the time that they work – including work time before and after they are “on the clock.”
  • Tipped employees who have to share their tips improperly, or who are not paid the proper wages; and
  • Workers on public works projects – such as schools and other government buildings –  who do not earn the legally-required wage for this work;
  • Workers simply cheated out of overtime pay, or even the minimum wage; and
  • Workers with a variety of other types of wage and hour claims.