Severance and Counseling

At Kakalec & Schlanger, we can provide guidance and counsel on matters that come up in the course of your job.   Whether you want to understand a potential non-compete clause, want assistance reviewing an employment contract, or want to discuss a thorny situation, we will help you understand your rights and make decisions.

We can also help when you are separating from employment. We will meet with you to cut through the “legalese” and help you understand the terms of a severance package being offered to you. We can give you legal advice and negotiate with your employer about the terms of your severance.

Among the issues we can help you address at the end of your employment are:

  • What legal claims you may have in connection with your termination;
  • Whether you should sign a release, and, if so, what terms you may want to agree to;
  • What financial benefit will you receive as part of a severance package, including what benefits may be continued; and
  • How references will be handled.