Court Grants Preliminary Approval For Class Action Settlement in Klippel v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, et al.

April 24, 2017 Posted By Daniel Schlanger

We are pleased to announce that the Court has granted final approval for the class action settlement in Klippel v. Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC, et al., an FDCPA case filed by Kakalec & Schlanger, LLP along with co-counsel Anthony Pietrafesa in U.S. District Court, Northern District of New York.

The case, which we filed in 2015, involved a claim for statutory damages based on allegedly false information relating to state court venue that was provided by P.R.A. in state court summonses filed in certain collection actions.

As we previously reported, the settlement class numbers just over 200 New York consumers, each of whom will receive $250 under the Court-approved settlement.  The named plaintiff will receive a total of $3,500 ($1000 in FDCPA damages and $2500 as a service payment for his efforts on behalf of the class).  The settlement also provides for attorney’s fees and costs.

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